What is AMH? What does Low AMH signify?

AMH is an antimullerian hormone. It is secreted by the granulosa cells present in the follicle of the ovary. It helps us to assess the ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve means the number of follicles that are there in the ovary of a lady. For instance, if the chronological age of a lady is 25 years, then the AMH helps us to assess the age of the ovary. AMH helps assess the fertility status of the lady.

Normal levels of AMH is 2-6ng/dl. If the level is 1-1.5ng/dl then it is considered low AMH.

It is important to know that if a woman has low AMH it does not mean that she should directly go for IVF treatment. Low AMH also does not mean that she has to use only donor eggs.

AMH only gives us an assessment that how many follicles are remaining in the ovary. As we are all aware that for normal conception also we need only one follicle and only one embryo forms in our body. So, even if the AMH is low but a woman is ovulating monthly and has regular cycles and it has not been long since the couple is trying to conceive, then they can try to conceive normally.

But if one had tried to conceive for long and have tried all the basic treatments to conceive like ovulation induction, IUI and all have failed then one can think of IVF or test tube baby. If your AMH level is less than 1ng/dl, then you can think of using Donor eggs and discuss with your doctor.

When we do an IVF cycle our main aim is to get around 5 to 10 follicles to have a success rate. But if we get fewer eggs but the quality of the laboratory is good and the doctor has the best protocol then one can get pregnant even with low AMH levels.

AMH only tells us about the quantity of the eggs and not the quality of the eggs. The quality of the eggs is assessed by the Age of the lady. So, if a woman is 30 yrs or younger and her AMH is on the lower side, this means that her number of eggs is low but the quality will mostly be good as she is a young woman. She can conceive with normal treatment or sometimes maybe she requires an IVF.

If a woman is 37 years and her AMH is low then she should discuss about donor egg IVF with her doctor. As the age of the lady increases then the quality of the egg also decreases and the chances of miscarriage also increase.

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