Egg freezing and vitrification

Egg freezing and vitrification - Save your motherhood

Preservation of cells and tissues that are around us and need to be saved is called cryopreservation. Slow freezing techniques were not so efficient to save eggs as the ice crystals that were formed can cause breaking and fracture of eggs. To avoid this problem, a new method named vitrification for egg freezing is gaining popularity. It is many times better than traditional freezing method and many clinics in India are offering this service. This method prevents the formation of crystals and new cryoprotectants are used to prevent freezing damage. Vitrification is an effective and ultra-rapid process.

In vitrification method, the egg is placed in the solutions of cryoprotectant and sucrose turn wise. First, it is placed in sugar so that some of the water can be drawn out of it and after that, it is placed in high concentration solution of cryoprotectant for one minute. And the last step involves permanent freezing of egg that looks like glass so that it can be used in the fertility centers, even after years. The last step involves, placing of egg in the liquid nitrogen at the temperature of 196A°C so that the egg freezes instantly after placing in the solution.

The merits of this process are many and the one that is best is that the egg can be kept frozen for a long time without finding any degradation in the quality of the egg. The female only needs to take some medications for about a week to prepare the uterine lining for pregnancy and on another side, the egg is brought to original condition by reversing vitrification process and allowing the egg to warm. The egg is warmed and rehydrated to make it ready for fertilisation. After the process is completed it is placed in an incubator in the lab so that sperm can be injected after 3-4 hours. After injecting sperm, the embryos are allowed to develop for 3 to 5. After development, the process of embryo transfer in the uterus is done by the doctors.

Egg freezing is recommended

Some treatments can affect the ovaries in a way that can prevent it from producing eggs after treatment. So, the women undergoing treatment of cancer or any other medical treatment can opt for this method.

Indications - who can get the benefits?

  • The process is ideal for many individuals. Some women, who do not want to give birth to a child now because of career, study, their personal choices or marriage but wants to conceive in future can go for egg freezing
  • It is just like life insurance, where you save your money for future and that doesn't affect your daily life and routine lifestyle
  • For army men and women, it is best to save their sperm and egg to get a genetic child even if some miss happening occurs
  • You can even donate your egg or sperm for social service to help feel parenthood to those whose own eggs or sperm are not good enough to conceive. Doctors use a donor egg to help them conceive.