Physiological ICSI (PICSI)

The advancement in medical science and reproductive techniques has brought PICSI treatment in India, which has been introduced to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy compared to previous methods. However, you might be unaware of the issues with your reproductive system, and therefore a consultation with our faculty can help you choose the best treatment for you.

In conventional ICSI, sperm is selected, which is the healthiest of all, and injected directly into the egg. Now, the observation made here is just a visual observation by an embryologist. But with PICSI, we can choose the sperm similar to the sperm selection been done naturally in human biology. PICSI is thus the most significant advancement in infertility treatments.

PICSI Procedure

The sperm is collected as it like it is in other treatments. After collecting sperm samples, these are placed on a special plate. A synthetic material very similar to hyaluronic acid is used for egg maturation is taken on the plate. Only a few drops of the material are used to cover the oocyte naturally. The sperms of good quality will get stuck in the solution that the embryologist will further pick up for the further process, the same as it is done in ICSI. We provide you with complete information about all treatments at our fertility center in Delhi.


It is one of the new technologies and is still under observation. This new invention of the reproductive technique is still being studied to know the most appropriate patients. A fertility specialist can decide to use this technique in the following cases.

  • Repeated pregnancy failures where the reason for failure is either associated with the male partner or is unknown
  • Failure of ICSI due to the formation of the low-quality embryo because of low-quality sperm
  • When a high degree of DNA fragmentation is found in the sperm of the patient

What are the advantages of PICSI treatment?

This method is most appropriate and beneficial in the cases when the sperm motility is good, but the degree of DNA fragmentation is high in sperm. This method helps find matured and good quality sperm in such cases to raise the chances of successful conception. PICSI treatment in Delhi is done to select sperm with low fragmentation to prevent genetic disorders like aneuploidy. So, when good quality sperm is selected, the chances of good embryo formation are higher, eventually increasing the chances of successful conception.

The success rate of PICSI

The rate of fertilization and formation of the quality embryo is found to be higher with this process, and the chances of a successful pregnancy with this method are about 75-80%. PICSI follows the same procedure after selecting sperm as ICSI do, and therefore, the process merges finally with IVF (In vitro fertilization). The process is not only successful in regular cases where egg and sperm are retrieved directly from the couple’s body but is also helpful in other cases like egg freezing, sperm freezing, donor egg, donor sperm, and surrogacy.

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