IVF: Advantages and its Importance

Do you constantly find yourself struggling with the thoughts like ‘why i can’t have a baby’ or ‘what is my fault if i can’t conceive’. You have been trying your best to get pregnant, but nothing is happening? Apart from these thoughts, our society becomes the biggest critic when it comes to infertility in a woman.

While there can be many reasons like ovulation irregularities, low sperm count, structural problems in the reproductive system, and age due to which you are not getting pregnant, there is one ultimate solution to deliver a healthy baby- IVF.

IVF helps many childless couples who would be otherwise unable to conceive. The main advantage of IVF is achieving a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. IVF can make this a reality for those couples who would be unable to have a baby otherwise:

IVF can be more successful than IUI and other forms of assisted reproductive technology

There has been a tremendous success rate in IVF since its conception, thanks to technological advances. Although IUI and other forms of assisted reproduction technology can prove to be effective for some patients due to some reasons, all in all they have not undergone the same level of improvement. The success rates are not as high as IVF.

IVF can help to diagnose fertilization problems.

In the unexplained infertility cases, there exists a problem with fertilization. Cases like these are difficult to diagnose until fertilization is attempted in the laboratory. There can be an unexpected outcome in such cases, as there is no defined problem to diagnose and then give treatment. IVF helps to diagnose unexplained fertility cases to reach a definite and satisfactory solution.


PCOS is a common condition faced by several womens in which there is a hormone imbalance leading to irregular menstrual cycles. IVF has shown success rates in patients with PCOS, who can not conceive due to this problem.

causes of female infertility diagram

Male infertility

Couples with a male infertility problem will have a much higher chance of conceiving with IVF than conceiving naturally. We have a number of laboratory techniques to facilitate this including intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). We also have an experienced consultant urologist to advise men with fertility problems.

Male infertility diagram

Premature ovarian failure

Women with menopause or premature ovarian failure can conceive and deliver a healthy baby through IVF treatment using donor eggs, and have typically high success rates.

Premature ovarian failure diagram

Blocked tubes

Some women have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, in that case IVF provides the best treatment and opportunity to have a child using their own eggs.

blocked or damaged fallopian tube diagram

Unused embryos can be donated to research or for another couple.

If you have spare embryos, these can be used to help other couples and save their lives. With your embryo, the other couple can also get a chance to deliver a baby. With the permission of the biological parents, these spare embryos can be used for research purposes, or given to another couple so that they can benefit from it.

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