Tubal disease is responsible for 25% – 35% of female infertility. Tubes are affected in pelvic infection like Tuberculosis. HSG (tube test) is where a dye is pushed in the uterus and with an X Ray imaging it is assessed whether they are open or blocked. No anaesthesia is required for HSG.The precaution to take for HSG are it is to be performed from the day5 to the day10 of the period. With an HSG we can expect whether the tubes are blocked or open.  HSG side effects are abdominal pain, spotting after the procedure. The cost of HSG is economical. The test lasts for 15-30 minutes. The pregnancy chances are expected to increase after HSG. HSG can also help open blocked tubes sometimes. If the tubes are blocked depending on the history of the patient we can decide to go for laparoscopy or for IVF.

For more information contact: Dr Roshi Satija Infertility (AIIMS), Fellow in Reproductive Medicine(UK).9958722133 www.drroshisatija.com  Youtube channel – Dr Roshi Satija  

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