3 Things you should look for while choosing an IVF Expert

Wow! We are glad to know that you have finally made up your mind to consult an infertility specialist. This is not an easy decision, and choosing the right IVF expert comes next. What is unquestionable, though, is that you want your family to grow.

This is a time commitment-
Choose an expert who can accommodate your schedule. Fertility treatment needs the commitment of time – not only from you but from the fertility expert too. You should be ready and prompt enough to cancel your plans so as to arrange regular visits to the doctor. At the same time, the IVF expert should also understand that this is a matter of a lifetime and the more hours they dedicate to you, the better. The best IVF professionals take care of their patient and consider them as a top priority, and you should feel it that way only.

Success rates don’t reveal everything-
While looking for any type of speciality clinic, the first and foremost thing people consider is the success rate. This data can be beneficial and informative, in considering the options for the best IVF expert. However, this data can be deceptive for those desiring the right treatment. Generally, multiple births indicate higher numbers, but they come with risks. Clinics show higher success rates because of the count of embryos they transfer in 1 process. Multiple births are often linked to higher complications, financial pressure, and a higher mortality rate.

This is only about you-
You will have a lot of people around you to give advice on the best fertility treatment and the best IVF expert. They will tell you what is best for you, but you need to understand it’s only about you and not them. The sole decision is yours, how many times are you willing to try? There is a 50% chance of success for women aged before and around 30 that her IVF treatment will be successful. However, women aged between 40 and 45 have less than 12% of the chances of a successful IVF.

You should never take any decision under pressure or under any friend’s influence. This is your body and your journey, research wisely and choose the best IVF expert!!

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