5 Steps to Stay Ahead of your Fertility

Planning for parenthood can be as exciting as it can be exhausting. If you are healthy with regular intercourse, you can be pregnant within six months. Most couples generally conceive within a year of unprotected intercourse. But for couples who like to be Better Prepared before starting a new phase of their lives, here are 5 Proactive Steps to take for better Fertility:

(Both male and female symbols) Say No To Smoking

The chemical found in cigarettes called Nicotine increases the speed at which your eggs decay. Not only this, but it also damages Sperms. Smoking might lead you to ectopic pregnancy or increase chances of Birth Defects and preterm labour. Smoking also affects how you would respond to the IVF. So quitting smoking as early as possible can help you move towards healthier eggs and sperms.

(male symbol) Keep track of your Health

Many men do not much care for getting checked for their Sexual Health. They are either very confident about their Sexual Health or overtly negligent. If you plan on becoming a parent soon and you are above the age of 40, you must visit a doctor.

(female symbol) Keep a check on your Hormones

Fertility is guided by the hormones secreted in your body. So you should know what condition are they in. Hormones like AMH, E2, FSH, LH, fT4, Prolactin need to be tested to know how your ovaries are behaving or if they are under the influence of other internal or external factors. These tests will prepare you beforehand to start the journey of conception.

(both male and female symbols) Know your History

Ask your mom about her menopause as this will help you give an idea about your fertility timeline. It is also wise to know your family history as these are the Genes you’ll be passing on to your kids. To have the knowledge that any of your genes could pass on a disease to your future children makes you more cautious on how to proceed.

(both male and female symbols) Clear your Doubts

It is imperative that you meet a doctor to clear your mind and let go of the myths. Any sliver of doubt can turn into a cloud of negativity later and affect your pregnancy. You should be well-read and learn to disengage from Myths.

Informed decisions and advice from doctors can help you make the right choices when it comes to your Fertility. Even embarking on the journey of IVF, you should be very keen on gaining all the information necessary for the journey ahead. Dr Roshi Staija is an expert IVF specialist, who has helped many patients make Informed Decisions about Infertility. To book a consultation call 9599309074.