5 Things to know before you see a Fertility Expert

Have you been trying to conceive for a long time but no success? And now you wish to see a fertility expert. Get yourself ready to go through a process of evaluations and medical tests to determine the factors that might be interfering with your efforts in getting pregnant. Here’s a little overview of things you must know before you see a fertility doctor.

Are you ovulating?
The foremost thing your doctor will ask you is whether you are ovulating (means releasing an egg every month). You can figure this out by your own by noting down your basal body temperature for a few months before you see an expert.

Fertility test
After knowing your medical history, the doctor will list some fertility tests for you and your partner. Tests include blood work and physical exams, semen analysis, x-ray to get the images of uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.

Side effects of drugs given for fertility
Fertility doctors often give medications to stimulate ovulation. Fertility enhancing drugs are an integral part of IVF treatment also. However, these drugs carry risks along with them, which your doctor will discuss with you. So if you are ready to conceive, also know that there may be complications.

Fertility treatment costs
The costs of fertility treatment can go high. However, there are some of the best fertility experts out there who are providing quality treatment at affordable costs. Research and take recommendations from your friends and family find the ideal one for you.

Semen analysis
Semen analysis is a basic fertility test for men, in which a sample is taken after ejaculation and then evaluated in a lab. It gives results including the sperm count, semen volume, movement and shape of sperm cells, and others. However, providing a sample of your sperm can provoke anxiety in men sometimes.

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