Bilateral Tubal Block :-Should one go for laparoscopy or go directly for IVF?

Bilateral tubal block on HSG is a report which a couple bring to the OPD after HSG.Two option are given to the couple should they undergo laparoscopy or should they directly go for IVF.

If the couple decides for laparoscopy then it helps them –

  1. Get an accurate report whether their tube are block or open because laparoscopy gives 100%diagnosis of block or open tube .HSG only has a diagnosis of 60% if the tubes are blocked.40% cases are false positive on HSG
  2. It helps to open minor blocks with the help of salpingostomy or cannulation.It the block is at the opening of the fallopian tube then 60% chances are there that tubes can be opened
  3. We can get to know the infection causing the tubal block whether it is chlamydia of TB. Treatment can be done accordingly and then the infertility treatment can go ahead
  4. If there is hydrosalpinx then also we Can treat it and later go ahead with IVF.It will further increase the chances of IVF

Theses are the benefits of going for laparoscopy.

If the couple decides to go for IVF the advantages are –

  1. The success rate of IVF is 40% to 50% and if a couple tries naturally they will take  3 to 6 months to get pregnant
  2. There is no need for any operative procedure as we are doing the process which is done in the fallopian tube in the IVF laboratory

So, I suggest if you have blocked fallopian tube in HSG kindly go for laparoscopy then go for IVF. For more information contact Dr. Roshi Satija.

For more information contact: Dr Roshi Satija Infertility (AIIMS), Fellow in Reproductive Medicine(UK). 9958722133  Youtube channel – Dr. Roshi Satija

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