Sperm Donor and freezing

Be assured of your future.

What is Sperm Freezing?

Sperm freezing involves the process of collection, analysis, and cryopreservation, where healthy sperm cells from a man are stored at extremely low temperatures for use at a later date when he wishes to have a child.

The procedure of sperm freezing 

Sperm freezing can be done with both the traditional method and the fortification method. However, vitriification is considered best to prevent degradation of the quality of the cell. Vitrification is the most advanced cryopreservation technique and is an efficient one too. It uses a high concentration of cryoprotectant to solidify the sperm, like glass, without the formation of ice crystals that can cause damage. It is the best way to conserve the sperm cells so that conceiving can be made comfortable in the future.

Several medical treatments like cancer can affect your ability to conceive, and preserving your sperm with this technique can help you with parenthood in the future.

Why store sperm?

  • You can store your sperm for sperm banking so that anyone else can use the donor sperm
  • The couples who want to undergo infertility treatment and male partner finds it difficult to ejaculate in time for a sample, which can further stop the process. So, the sperm is stored in advance.
  • If you have gone through the surgical method to remove sperm from testes (TESA), you can save it for future
  • Before vasectomy
  • Before complex medical treatments like cancer

Who should undergo this procedure?

If you have any serious medical problems before treatment, you can save your sperm for conceiving with IVF treatment. Or, if you think that you don’t want a child now, but you can think of having one in the future, you can become a parent by sperm freezing.