What is ovulation and how it helps in getting pregnant ?

Pregnancy occurs when an egg meets up with a sperm. Sperms are microscopic cells that live in the testicles of man and eggs lives in the ovaries of the female.

Every month, reproductive organs of female body prepare for pregnancy. The ovaries and uterus of the female body, creates the environment for the release of an egg, to meet with sperm.

The process of releasing an egg is called ovulation. Ovulation is the process that helps in getting pregnant.

What is Ovulation?

Every month if a lady has a regular menstrual cycle an egg is released from the ovary, on the 12-15 day of the cycle and this is termed as ovulation.

During each menstrual cycle, reproductive hormones stimulate the ovaries. A few immature eggs called oocytes grow and respond to the triggering hormones. Usually, only one egg is released every month.

In the case of two eggs, conceiving the non-identical twins becomes easier. During the age of puberty, an approx amount of 300,000 eggs are stored in the ovary. A woman releases 300 ova over her lifespan. There are two ovaries in the female body and whichever side has the most mature ova, release the eggs and the next is scheduled for the coming months.

How Ovulation helps in getting Pregnant?

Once the follicle ruptures and releases the egg, fertilization of the egg and the sperm occurs in the fallopian tube and an embryo is formed which during the course travels down the fallopian tube to the uterus for implantation.

Releasing of mature egg pushed down through the fallopian tube from an ovary for fertilization sums up the process of ovulation.

Detection of Ovulation

The fertility period opens approx. 3-4 day before ovulation (lifespan of sperm) and continues 1-2 days (ovum lifespan) after ovulation.

It can be detected with the help of a simple assessment of the cervical mucus which becomes slippery and thin like raw egg white during that time.

Another method is with the help of LH kit. The kit is easily available in the chemist store. It is identical to the urine pregnancy test. It is to be done from the 11 th day of the cycles for 3-4 days. Once the two lines occur in the kit ovulation occurs about 30 hours later.

Ultrasound is also one of the modalities which help in the detection of ovulation. It is done around 12 th to 14th day of the cycle.

In case the lady does not have regular cycles, this may pose a problem in conceiving hence the lady should consult an Infertility specialist.

An Infertility Specialist can help you with IUI Fertility Treatment which is used for placing the sperms inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization.