What is Donor Eggs and who require them?

Donor eggs are required by-

  1. Decreased ovarian reserve. As the lady ages her egg count decreases and the quality of the egg also decrease there are more chances of miscarriage.So in such patients we advise them to go for Donor eggs
  2. if any lady who has ovarian failure that means there are no eggs in the ovary they also require donor eggs
  3. If a lady had poor quality oocyte and has had poor embryos formed from these oocytes they can also opt for donor eggs.
  4. Donor eggs are also used where there is some genetic defect in the family

Donor eggs are taken after a proper consent from a young lady who already has a baby.So the eggs are taken from the donor and the sperm is of the husband if the husband has normal semen analysis.The sperm and egg are fused and they are transferred into the lady’s uterus.The donor egg cost is a little higher that the normal ivf cycle.

The donor eggs success rate is more as the donor is a lady who already has a baby and she is young.

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