Top Tips to Choose the Right IVF Specialist

If you are planning to go for the IVF treatment, you must be prepared to choose the top IVF specialist in Delhi. These days, we have advanced medical treatment that includes assisted reproductive techniques but also offers you the world-class infrastructure to give you the utmost comfort.

Top Tips for Selecting the Right IVF Treatment Center in Delhi

About IVF center

The first and foremost, thing to consider for the IVF treatment center is its government recognition and should have a quality certification. You can check their certification on their website and even you can ask them for it. After this, check the doctor’s qualifications and experience in the field of IVF treatment trusted by medical professionals. Besides those, also look for their team size and working methodologies along with expertise.

The Success Rate of the IVF clinic

The success rate of an IVF center in Delhi largely depends upon the experience of the doctor, advanced medical equipment, and different IVF cycles performed by the doctor. In general, the average success rate for IVF treatment success is 40% for women under the age of 40. But, for you, the success rate depends upon age and circumstances of previous pregnancy and present medical conditions.

Standards of the Lab

Various elements defining the standards of an IVF specialist in Delhi are:

  • Non-toxic masks and gloves
  • The use of laboratory clothing
  • Use of vertical laminar flow benches
  • Use of mechanical pipetting equipment
  • Use of disposal materials
  • Sterilization and disinfection of potentially infected devices
  • Dissertation of sharp objects like needles in containers

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