The Best IVF Doctor in Delhi

The hustling and bustling capital of India has much to offer those who come to it. The same can be said for IVF specialists, but how true is it?

If you put in your Google search “best IVF doctor in Delhi,” your feed will be full of long lists that give you the top 10, 15, 30 doctors in Delhi. This is where most couples dreaming of parenthood get stuck and finally end with an IVF specialist that might not be the best fit for them. So – How to find the best IVF Doctor in Delhi? Follow these critical steps to find your best IVF doctor:

1. Ask all the questions you have
It’s essential that a couple who’s starting on this emotional journey should have all the clarity before beginning. This clarity can only come when the doctor you choose is very considerate and takes his/her time. This will help not only set the tone for your future sessions but give you a sense of comfort.

2. Success rates do matter, only when they are true
Many clinics in the city claim to have a perfect success rate, an admirable feat but often fake too. Before committing to one centre, the couple should do thorough research. Check their website for testimonials and google reviews and only then make your decision.

3. Cost of the procedure
As IVF can sometimes be a long drawn process, the cost of your treatment in some instances might go beyond your budget. Thus, it is vital to look for a doctor who is upfront about all the possibilities and gives you a real diagnosis to gauge how much the treatment will cost you.

Dr. Roshi Satija is, therefore, the very best choice you can make if you’re looking for an IVF specialist in Delhi. Not only is she empathetic towards her patients, but she also is determined to make every dream of parenthood come true. Checking all the above three boxes, she is undoubtedly an IVF specialist you should visit before making your decision.