Do sex positions affect your chances of getting pregnant?

When it comes to getting pregnant, many myths are floating around in the market. And to top it all the advice you would receive from your friends, grandmothers, and Mohalla Aunties makes it all the more confusing. So, before starting on the journey of conception, it’s better to be clear about whether sex positions help in conceiving faster.

What does Science say?
No study till now has conclusively shown that one sex position gives more positive results than others. Sticking to one particular sex position does increase the odds of pregnancy. The next question you ask is what does? Dr. Roshi Satija, a fertility expert and IVF specialist, says that couples should focus more on putting sperm as close to the cervix.

The cervix is the canal that joins the vagina and the uterus. This shortens the distance and the barriers the sperm had to swim through to reach the egg. Thus, it is imperative for the penis to go as deep or penetrate fully to unload the sperm into the cervix. Two sex positions that go deeper than the most is a missionary or the guy on top and from behind. But this does not mean only these two sex positions would lead to pregnancy.

What should be avoided?
Any position can lead to pregnancy except for those that defy gravity. The positions that force women to stand or where the chances of sperm to swim to the womb should be avoided to decrease the barriers between the sperm and the uterus. Douching is the other thing that should be avoided. As our vagina has its own cleaning mechanism, and the chemicals in the douching substance might affect sperm health.

There are many more myths that keep circulating in the market. Tell us whether “If a female experiences orgasm when she conceived, it would result in a baby boy” is a myth or not?

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