Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is very common in a woman. It can occur from the age group of teenager to after menopause. There are various types of cyst-

  1. Functional cyst
  2. Dermoid cyst
  3. Endometriotic or choclate cyst
  4. Ovarian Cancer

1. Functional Cyst

Normally in a lady a follicle is formed and it ruptures. But here this process of forming follicle and rupture is disturbed. A follicle which has formed does not rupture and forms a cyst. A ruptured follicle also forms a cyst which is known as Luteal cyst. These types of cyst can be treated with the help of 2 to 3 month of hormonal tablets.

ovarian cyst

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2. Dermoid cyst

It is a benign cyst meaning it is not cancerous. The cyst has parts which are present there during the development of ovary. It has parts like the hair, fat or teeth. The ovarian cyst is not cancerous but it has a compilation of twisting due to which the patient can have pain. Its treatment is with the help of laparoscopy, we can remove the cyst.

Dermoid Ovarian cyst containing Teeth and Fat

(Dermoid Ovarian cyst containing Teeth and Fat)

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3. Endometriotic or chocolate cyst

Here the blood is collected in the ovarian cyst. Endometriosis means that the tissue present in the endometrium is present in the other parts of the pelvic organs that is ovary, behind the uterus. Normally, the menstrual blood which flow outward in this case it moves toward the ovary and gets collected there and forms a cyst and since it is of chocolate colour it is called chocolate cyst. In this condition the patient has pain during periods and also, she has pain during contact. It can be treated medically with hormonal tablets but in most of the cases laparoscopy is done.

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Endometriotic cyst

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4. Ovarian cancer

This is a cancerous condition of the ovary. It occurs in 2% of patients presenting with ovarian cyst. Here the patient does not have any specific symptoms it can be missed many a times. Here during ultrasound we see a cyst and it can have partitions and can have liquid collection. If the doctor suspects that it is cancerous then they can advise a blood test which is ca 125 ,it is a marker for cancer.If the ca 125 is high then the doctor can advise for surgery as the case may be.

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Ovarian cancer

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