How a Male Fertility Test is Done

Many childless couples have shown one or more causes of infertility. Both the men and women should likely need to see a doctor to find out the root cause and take treatment. The process might need a few tests. There are several male fertility tests available today which can determine the right cause behind infertility.

General physical examination-
The doctor will inspect your medical history and ask you questions like chronic health problems, inherited conditions, or any prior injuries that may affect fertility. He might have an open discussion about your sex life, and any sexually transmitted diseases if you have. For future analysis, a semen sample can also be asked.

Sperm and semen analysis-
After a general examination, the doctor will analyse your sperm – it’s movement, sperm shape, sperm count and other characteristics. These characteristics give a good idea about your fertility. If you have a healthy-looking sperm with a healthy movement, you have fewer chances of infertility. However, nearly 15% of men who have infertility issue, are found to have healthy semen and sperm.

Some additional tests include-

Hormone testing– Hormones play a crucial role in sperm production and sexual life. Any abnormality found in male hormones might be the cause of your infertility. In hormone testing, a blood test is done to measure the testosterone levels and other male hormones.

Genetic tests– In sperm analysis, if your sperm concentration is found to be very low, there could be a genetic reason behind your infertility. A blood test will show any signs of genetic infertility problem.

Testicular biopsy– It is performed to know about your sperm production. If it is normal, then your infertility problem is due to some blockage or any other problem.

Transrectal ultrasound– In this test, a small, lubricated wand is inserted in your rectum to check for any tube blockages that carries semen.

These are some of the tests by which you can test your fertility. However, no need to panic if you have any infertility issues since there are treatments also. For any consultation and suggestions, please call – 9958722133