How to conceive naturally?

When a couple is planning to conceive naturally they should keep in mind that the lady has regular menstural cycle. That is the ladys menstural cycle is of 28 days. As she begins her menses then it is taken as day1 of her menstural cycle as the day passes by we take it as day 2,3,4. By around day5 to day8 one follicle starts growing and it further attains a size of 18-20 mm, its then when the follicle ruptures and releases an egg which is called ovulation. If a couple have contact at this time it will increase their chances of conceiving. If a lady has ovulated on day13 in one menstural cycle she would be ovulating on a different day in another menstural cycle. Studies state that if the couple should have contact 48 hours prior to ovulation then their chances of conception further increases.

Is there any position which increases the chances of conception?

Scientifically, there are no such studies which state that any position while having contact increases the chances of conception, The crux is semen should be released in the vagina of the lady.

What are these ovulation prediction kits and how are they helpful?

The ovulation predicition kits which are available in the market are used to detect the ovulation. These kits have a well in them where the urine of the lady is added and if she has a rise in LH or the luteinising Hormone then the kit will show 2 lines. The LH hormone rises prior to ovulation.But the rise of the LH hormone is transient that is it may rise and then fall quickly. So in 30 -40%cases if a lady has ovulation in the morning and she does the test in the evening it will show negation . They will miss the time of ovulation and decrease the chance of conceiving.

There are various mobile apps on the phone which claim that they can predict the day of ovulation in the lady and we are all aware that the day of ovulation in the same lady vary from month to month.So, these apps can give you a basic idea but the accuracy of these app is very less.

After having contact the entire semen comes out? Does it decrease the chances of getting pregnant?

When the couple have contact and the semen is discharged in the vagina of the lady it is thick aaafter few minutes it becomes liquidy, this is the time where the sperm swim up into the uterus. It is this liquid which comes out. The sperm have their own motility so they swim into the uterus. So this liquid which comes out does not decrease the chances of conception.

So sum up if a couple plans to conceive naturally they should have contact from day8 to day18 of the menstural cycle,if the lady has regular menstural cycle.

The ovulation kits have a limited role, if a husband is outstationed and he plans his visit on the day of ovulation then these kits can be used.

If the couple have problem while having contact and the lady has vaginismus or the husband is having erection problems they should consult a doctor.If the woman has irregular cycles of no menstural cycles she should consult a doctor.

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