Is female only responsible for infertility or the Male has a role too ?

Giving birth to a child is not only a women’s key responsibility. Not only from her eggs, a zygote will be fertilized into an embryo. When man’s sperm meets an egg, the process of fertilization takes place. And the woman gets pregnant.

If giving birth is resulted by both man and woman, why do we always blame a woman to be the reason behind infertility?

What is infertility?

Every couple wants to start a family at some point of point in their life. A little kid can be the reason of bundle of joys and happiness in a home.

So, couples try harder to conceive a baby and wish to have a successful delivery.

But many couples face difficulty in conceiving a baby or giving birth to a child. This situation of being incapable of delivering a baby is termed as “infertility”.

Do you know what could be the reasons for infertility?

Who is responsible for infertility? Is it the only woman who contributes to infertility?

The answer is NO.

Man’s ability to produce and eject sperm is equally responsible. Imagine, a woman is releasing eggs every month, she is not having any menstrual problem. Yet she is unable to conceive? Then the question is raised towards the man. Then the couple should have a medical check up which will give a result for the decision.

Let’s discuss the factors for infertility for the man and woman both.

Factors for Infertility in Woman
There may be n number of reasons which may lead to infertility among women.
1. Blockage in the Fallopian tube

2. Hormonal imbalance

3. Uterine fibroids

4.Poor diet

5. Lack of exercise

6. Stress

7. Athletic running

8. Age

These all factors play a vital role for women to be infertile. Let us recall the meaning for infertility here.

Not being able to receive the sperm for fertilization or not able to pass the egg during ovulation leads to infertility.

Factors for Infertility in Men

The main reason for a man to be infertile is the low count of sperm which may be because of

1. Varicocele

2. Low sperm count

3. Alcohol diet

4. Drug-diet

5. Toxins

6. Age

7. Health issue

8. Radiation

Giving a birth to a baby is a blessing but imagine holding only a woman to be responsible for that is not a justice to the relationship between a man and woman?

Men and Women are equally responsible for infertility.

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