How to relax during IVF? How to stay stress free during IVF?

IF you are planning to start an IVF treatment or are already undergoing IVF,Its not easy,it is emotionally, financially and physically very stressful. Studies state that if the person has reduced stress they can have better male and female fertility. Having a lower stress level can help one have a better outcome of the fertility treatment.

Avoid unnecessary stress- If you are going through IVF you need to avoid unnecessary stress. It can be getting like involved with extra social commitments or activities ,additional workloads etc.

Take control of your home and work environment -As one spends lot of time at home and at work so one needs to have a stress free environment.At home play relaxing music,use calming oils,relaxing scents.At work avoid negative co workers,rush traffic hours.

Try Yoga-yoga helps in achieving balance and peace as well as great form of non-aerobic exercise.

A Healthy Lifestyle-This includes a well-balanced diet and exercise can help lower stress levels and lead to a more positive outlook

Incorporate Relaxation Response Training. When you target the relaxation response (state of deep rest) in your brain, your blood pressure and breathing rate decreases, and you feel more relaxed and less anxious. Those who practice this on a regular basis feel more relaxed and calmer throughout the day, and those who elicit the relaxation response during medical procedures report less anxiety, pain, and medication use. There are many different ways to go about this – meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing.