How Does IVF Work as a Successful Infertility Treatment?

IVF treatment is considered the most effective treatment for infertility solutions. Today, the percentage of IVF pregnancy success worldwide is higher in comparison to the other type of treatments.

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Process of IVF

Testing and ovarian stimulation

First of all, your fallopian tube and uterus will be checked for any repair needed. After this, your thyroid function and ovarian reserve will be checked for both partner’s sexually transmitted infections and semen analysis of your male partner. In the ovarian analysis, the woman will be provided fertility drugs for an average of 10-11 days for better fertile eggs which results in higher IVF success rates. You will be monitored with vaginal ultrasound and hormonal testing.

Egg Retrieval

After 30-34 hours before egg ovulation, surgical procedure is done to remove the eggs from follicles in your ovaries with a visual guide of ultrasound with a small needle through the top of the vagina into ovary. Follicles are entered with needle and follicular fluids are gently removed with suction that brings the eggs in the fluid. It is then suctioned by IVF physician into a test tube and handles it to the embryologist who uses a microscope to find the eggs in each test tube of the fluid. 


After this, the quality and maturity of the eggs are checked and along with the male sperm placed in women for fertilization. 

Other steps

  • Embryo transfer
  • Assisted hatching
  • Pregnancy test

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