Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI)

According to records, the reason behind the inability to conceive is male infertility problems in nearly 40% of cases. The problems like low sperm count, abnormality of sperm, and low quality of sperm. The most common procedure used to treat male infertility is ICSI. In this procedure, the fertility specialist examines the sperm with the help of a microscope with a magnification of 400x and picks up the sperm with normal motility. But in some cases, the sperm samples are low or the sperm abnormality is quite high and therefore ICSI doesn't give good results. In such situations Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is used to treat the problem.

IMSI is actually an improved version of ICSI for better results. The difference here is that the microscope that is used in this method examines sperm with a magnification of up to 6,000x. These highly magnified and digitally enhanced images of sperm help embryologist to locate any kind of abnormalities or other problems with sperm that can't be identified by using other older methods. Dr. Roshi Satija is providing best IMSI treatment in Delhi at her clinic.

Intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection (IMSI) is a technique which is similar to ICSI. The only difference is that sperm is examined more carefully to find out a good quality sperm that can give best results and help couples conceive.

The advantage of using this method over other conventional methods is that it helps in finding and preventing sperm with abnormalities from injecting into the egg that can further cause pregnancy failure. Thus, this method helps in increasing the success rate of infertility treatment.

When is IMSI recommended?

There are many other conventional methods available in clinics and therefore this method is considered in the least cases. The first case is when the number of sperm is very low which leads to infertility in a male.The second case is when the proportion of abnormal sperm is very high which prevents conception. And the third reason is multiple failures of conventional methods and ICSI. So, this IMSI treatment in India is done when the conventional methods can't be used or the success rate is very low with those methods.

IVF and IMSI Treatment

IMSI treatment is helpful in increasing the success rate of IVF treatment. After retrieval, the sperm is examined under high magnification microscope at the lab of fertility center. This intense digital examination helps the doctors to identify abnormally shaped sperm cells and prevent them from injecting in the egg. The method helps the doctor to check the structure and quality of sperm deeper than ICSI and increase the chances of injecting right sperm in the egg so that the success rate can be enhanced. This is just an improved variation of ICSI where the complete procedure is same and just the magnification of the microscope is different.

Procedure of IMSI

This procedure is just a better option in comparison to ICSI to increase the success of IVF procedure. This method is flexible to be used after several unsuccessful IVF attempts. This method is real time because the perfect quality sperm is selected before the microinjection to increase the effectiveness. It is to make sure that the developing embryo will be of good quality and there is no need to wait and select for a healthy embryo because of efforts are made to develop a healthy embryo only.

When the sperm is analyzed under high magnification microscope in fertility center the specialist is able to see the internal morphology of the sperm clearly and thus finding abnormal cells is easy. It further increases the chances of successful embryo implantation and chances of miscarriage are likely to be decreased with this method.

IMSI - how much we recommend this method?

This method requires more attention and evidence to be used regularly for the treatment of infertility. More study about the technique is still required to make it open to be used in routine by doctors.

Benefits of going for IMSI

It is useful to increase the chances of conception with in vitro fertilization technique and is recommended if you have many unsuccessful IVF attempts.