If there are still healthy embryos available at the time of embryo transfer on the third day, it can be kept until the 5th day for blastocyst transfer. However, the embryo could not be kept after 5th day because it needs to be in the uterus of the mother on day 6.

Advantages of blastocyst

  • Only good quality reach this stage thus it is a good way to ensure the quality of the embryo
  • It is good for the ones with repeated implantation failures
  • Genetic test or screening can be done for this procedure

Disadvantages of blastocyst

  • If the number of embryos is less, there are chances that no embryo will be formed and no transfer will occur then
  • If the blastocyst splits, there are high chances of completely identical twins

Who are advised to go for blastocyst?

  • The women who have faced multiple pregnancy failures, either naturally or with IVF treatment
  • Women whose normal pregnancy age have been passed and have a lower ovarian reserve must go for the blastocyst treatment to conceive.
  • Women who have a family history of multiple births and have high chances of multiple births should go for this treatment because less number of embryos are transferred than IVF procedure.