Cost of IVF in Delhi

Many young couples are suffering from infertility these days, and they are approaching IVF treatment to get the baby in the safest way possible. The number of people getting IVF treatment in Delhi seems to be increasing year by year. But to get the successful results, finding the best IVF specialist is essential. Dr Roshi Satija’s clinic has helped many infertile couples to know the right cause behind their infertility, get the right treatment and feel blessed after delivering a healthy child.

Cost of IVF in Delhi

The most basic IVF cost in Delhi ranges anywhere between Rs 1.25 lakhs to Rs 2.5 lakhs per cycle of IVF. It includes everything right from the diagnosis of the problem to medications prescribed by the doctor. Couples are already spending around 5 lakhs for complete IVF treatment. However, the cost varies from clinic to clinic and doctor to doctor. There is no fixed cost.

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Factors related to the Cost of IVF

Cost of medicines

The average medication cost of IVF goes up to 60-70k. Inclusions are hormone stimulating injections, progesterone injections, and other fertility drugs that aid in IVF.

Number of cycles

The more number of IVF cycles, the more will be the amount you’ll need to spend on the treatment. Generally, the success rates of an IVF depends on the age of women; young women are more likely to get successful results in less time.

Cost of living

As Delhi is the heart of India, you will get the most affordable cost of IVF treatment and related ones like living, food, medicines, travelling and other basic facilities. If you live in another city and seek IVF in Delhi, expect to get the most reasonable treatment and living costs here.

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