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Tubal disease is responsible for 25% - 35% of female infertility. Tubes are affected in pelvic infection like Tuberculosis. HSG (tube test) is where a dye is pushed in the uterus and with an X Ray imaging it is assessed whether they are open or blocked. No anaesthesia is required…


Day3 or Day5 Blastocyst Transfer

Day3 or day5 transfer? Whenever a couple is going for IVF they are explained about Day3 embryo transfer and Day5 embryo transfer.Day 5embryo transfer blastocyst transfer is considered to have increase pregnancy chances. Day5 embryo transfer should be done if a couple has 1.more than 3 day3 top quality embryos…



The average IVF cost in India ranges from RS. 1,10,000 to Rs. 4,00000 per IVF cycle, including all the diagnostic, test and medications needed for effective treatment of IVF. Dr Roshi Satija offering low cost IVF / Test Tube Baby treatment in Delhi, India with high success rates. IVF is…