Posted on Sept 8, 2018

How Stress can lead to infertility?

It is actually true that obsessing and worrying about the inability to get pregnant can make it more difficult. There are women in the world who get pregnant easily even if they have unhealthy eating habits and think of exercise as a waste of time.

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Posted on Sept 1, 2018

Is female only responsible for infertility or the Male has a role too?

Giving birth to a child is not only a women’s key responsibility. Not only from her eggs, a zygote will be fertilized into an embryo. When man’s sperm meets an egg, the process of fertilization takes place. And the woman gets pregnant. If giving birth is resulted by both man and woman, why do we always blame a woman to be the reason behind infertility?

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Posted on Aug 25, 2018

What are the factors that cause Male Infertility?

Infertility affects approximately 15% of couples worldwide. One-third factors for infertility are contributed by the female partners, and other one-third factors because of the male partner and the remaining one third remain unexplained. All attributes have their equal share in contributing to the couple being infertile.

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Posted on Aug 18, 2018

What is ovulation and how it helps in getting pregnant?

Pregnancy occurs when an egg meets up with a sperm. Sperms are microscopic cells that live in the testicles of man and eggs lives in the ovaries of the female. Every month, reproductive organs of female body prepare for pregnancy. The ovaries and uterus of the female body, creates the environment for the release of an egg, to meet with sperm.

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