How Stress can lead to infertility?

It is actually true that obsessing and worrying about the inability to get pregnant can make it more difficult. There are women in the world who get pregnant easily even if they have unhealthy eating habits and think of exercise as a waste of time.

But there are those women as well who wait for their home pregnancy kits to change color for months and years. What could be the reason that some women can conceive easily, while some having healthy lifestyle wait for years? Stress could be one of the reasons.

A recent research revealed that females with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme related to stress, might have difficulties in getting pregnant.

During the research process, 274 women gave saliva samples over six menstrual cycles which disclosed that highest enzyme levels during the first cycle were 12 percent less likely to get pregnant as compared to women who had lowest enzyme levels.

So, let’s figure out how women could overcome stress factor to live a healthy and peaceful life.

Here are some of the recommendations for women to reduce stress and get pregnant easily:

Rethink your attitude:

Thinking constantly about “other women conceive easily” will only cause distress. If getting pregnant was so easy, there would not have been so many IVF clinics or hospitals. Recognize positive thinking and think of the numerous ways to get pregnant.

Stay active:

You should continue to enjoy the activities you like to do. Take pictures, travel to beaches or mountains, plan special movies, arrange movie dates- do anything you feel passionate about. Doing what you like boosts serotonin, which is a mood-enhancing chemical. That would be great for your health.

Do Exercise:

Swimming, jogging, yoga, or other exercises may not only benefit your health, but may also take the edge off stress. There are many overweight women who cannot get pregnant due to excess of estrogen in their body. So, reducing pounds by indulging in exercises can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Moreover, higher-energy workouts can help you stimulate the release of feel-good endorphins.

A stress-filled life may also lower your sexual desire. And therefore, many stressed-out couples believe it is enough to have sex once in a month, which can hinder the way of your baby-making.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider visiting the best IVF clinic in Delhi . An infertility specialist can counsel you in a right way to get rid of anxiety and stress.