The Best Fertility Specialist in South Delhi

Are you looking for a fertility expert and desiring for a solution that can help you in having a baby? Are you tired of visiting doctors and still unable to conceive? Are you looking for a fertility expert in the South Delhi Area?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you are reading the right blog. Couples of every age have infertility, a topic which is less discussed. Dr. Roshi Satija has helped 3000+ couples in fighting infertility and conceiving a baby.

There are a lot of factors that cause infertility. First, the cause is to be determined, and then, treatment is done accordingly. IVF, IUI, Blastocyst, Surrogacy, ICSI, IMSI, PICSI, MESA, TESA/ TESE, and some can be treated naturally. Every couple needs personal attention and expert guidance for diagnosis and treatment.

According to statistics, low sperm count in men and PCOS in women is the common reason for infertility these days. The number of young infertile couples is increasing and doesn’t seem to stop. Fertility treatment hospitals are receiving a massive number of infertility cases with couples desperately waiting to see the face of their first child.

Fertility Clinics in Delhi
Delhi is flooded with fertility clinics, some reputed and some scams. The reputed ones are there to help you out, to give you the best possible service, while cons are just there to make money and leave you with nothing. It is better to do thorough research before deciding on any clinic, see their reviews and personally talk to the doctor about your problem. Prefer the specialist who can offer you personal attention and is connected with some reputed hospital, so at the time of emergency or delivery, you don’t have to compromise.

You might prefer those clinics which your friend or relatives recommend to you. Making a decision about a fertility clinic is challenging, there can be various factors that influence your decision. Cost is also a significant factor while choosing the best fertility expert.

Dr. Roshi Satija – The Best Fertility Expert in South Delhi
Dr. Roshi Satija is one the leading gynecologists in South Delhi and known for her results in delivering babies to infertile couples. She provides her outstanding and selfless service in SLM hospital, which is one of the best IVF centres in Delhi and also at Aradhya Clinic, Delhi.

  • She is an MS in obstetrics and gynaecology. She has gained medical exposure and expertise in her field from Delhi, Mumbai and London.
  • The latest technology, world-class service and years of experience speaks at her clinic. The main focus is on finding the best and comfortable treatment for fertility.
  • Carefully listening to the patient’s queries about infertility, and treatments like IVF is the main motto. Dr. Roshi believes that in the absence of right guidance and moral support, the patient adds more stress to already existing worries.
  • Keeping the cost factor in mind, affordable fertility care packages, comfortable treatment, affordable plans and other support plans are offered for patients to receive stress-free treatment.

Patient testimonial
“I would like to thank Dr. Roshi for all the care and help she extended throughout my pregnancy. I would like to express my thanks for her professionalism, understanding and the top class treatment I was given.”

For a consultation, call on – 9958722133

The Best Fertility Specialist in South Delhi